Workshops for Early Childhood Staff

Have you thought about a Jack and Molly workshop for your staff?
These workshops are full of fun and always hands on.
You can teach what we teach you the very next day.
We have loads of teaching resources available at events.
Just go to our workshop page on the web site and read all about us to book.

Cheers Jack

Teacher Workshops

Handmade flower puppet
Hand made flower puppet from Jack & Molly.
Workshop in Bega
Terrific workshop in Bega NSW.
Thanks to the wonderful staff.

Early Chldhood workshops

Music & the Brain

Music and the Brain
A very interesting workshop on music to help children with disabilities.
Our venue was Sale, Vic was with 16 participants.
My big thanks to Julie Wylie as her web page providing a lot of information for us to use.
Both Molly and I have worked with children with disabilities and watching the video below A TED Talk by Anita Collins – “What if Every Child had Access to Music Education from Birth?” was fascinating.

Watch for yourselves and discover the power of music.
I believe that part of the language of children is singing and I guess you all do as well as we do lots of it.

Magic of Music

Music and the brain – Synesthesia

This little snippet of music is from our Becoming Me CD, released this year.
“Spots and splashes stars and stripes”

I got asked last year to write some music for children who see music as I do in colours, Synesthesia. As the request was given children would be in a quiet space where they could take time out from the main group and with this music in the background could draw or paint unhindered to the music.

It’s worth trying out to see how your children respond!!!

Spots and Splashes, Star and Stripes

So I looked around for a quote that would fit what I see and used this one from ‘Psychology Today web site.’

“Some synesthetes perceive texture in response to sight, hear sounds in response to smells, or associate shapes with flavors. Many synesthetes have more than one type of synesthesia. It is estimated that approximately 3 to 5 percent of the population has some form of synesthesia, and the condition can run in families.”

Mildura April 2018- A big thanks

Thanks to all the staff for the wonderful shows in your centres.

It was a very busy time for us even though we were a week to early for NSW, we’ll make sure we’re within the time frame next year.

To all the new centres thanks a million and to all the wonderful staff & teachers.

We look forward to coming up into your area each year and working with the children. It’s the quality of services in Mildura that keeps us smiling and wanting more and more.

Green Grows the Garden is such a popular show and I’m sure you’ll agree that Mr Brown Magnificent Apple Tree and Molly’s storytelling are the clinchers in the show. We love how the children mould that story and how you get a giraffe in bed with T-rex a dog and a tiger is only in the imagination of a child. Such brilliant outcomes and especially at bedtime. Ha Ha.

Just once again if you have any photos or videos you’d like to share, let me know and I’ll pop them onto this web site.

Lots of love & good fortune to you all,

Jack & Molly.


PS I think we'll be offering a music and storytelling workshop for next year. Also we'll have with us some of our products for sale from the web site.