Presenting Molly’s shop

This video shows a short burst at a few centres this week, the event is wonderful to watch, please enjoy.

I thought it’s about time to display the large puppets that Molly in her scientific way has come up with to help explain the butterfly, tadpole, worm and ladybug cycle to children.

Explaining this life cycle is better done with large puppets so the children can interact as in feeding it leaves vegetables and touching it close up.

As we’ve found out children love a challenge and in this early childhood stage they get to watch and also ask questions. We’ve purposely coloured each puppet so it looks a bit more friendlier. Some of the explinations for example about the caterpillar/butterfly that it breaks down into a soup and then re-forms as a butterfly, or how a tadpole grows legs, or how a worm creates worm tea and mud and has 5 hearts. The simplicity is wonderful and creating that age old storytellers sequence around the cycles is also an important teaching ellement of “learning through play”.

Lots of you will have seen our shows and there are 11 different shows for teachers to choose from. But you can also purchase our puppets from Molly’s shop.