Music and the brain – Synesthesia

This little snippet of music is from our Becoming Me CD, released this year.
“Spots and splashes stars and stripes”

I got asked last year to write some music for children who see music as I do in colours, Synesthesia. As the request was given children would be in a quiet space where they could take time out from the main group and with this music in the background could draw or paint unhindered to the music.

It’s worth trying out to see how your children respond!!!

Spots and Splashes, Star and Stripes

So I looked around for a quote that would fit what I see and used this one from ‘Psychology Today web site.’

“Some synesthetes perceive texture in response to sight, hear sounds in response to smells, or associate shapes with flavors. Many synesthetes have more than one type of synesthesia. It is estimated that approximately 3 to 5 percent of the population has some form of synesthesia, and the condition can run in families.”