About Us

Jack and MollyEarly childhood educators and entertainers Jack and Molly are Vince and Margie Brophy. It’s OK, we still answer to Jack and Molly!

Margie is an Early Childhood Director DipT(ECE) teaching for 15 years in SA in Kindergarten and a year in NSW Child Care. Vince is the musician/songwriter who plays banjo, ukulele and guitar as well as having unique abilities of working and inter-acting with children.

This year we celebrate 25 years of not only performing in hundreds of centres, but working with staff and students providing in-service training. We love travelling and are lucky enough to get a glimpse of services in VIC, SA, ACT, NSW and TAS. We work in the regional areas as well as the cities so have experienced a diverse range of services that feed us new ideas all the time.

“We are inspired by the opportunities that we have of visiting Centres in many parts of Australia. The work that we do with the children, the openness that you welcome us with and the overall enthusiasm that the children have is an inspiration to us. We are so lucky to have a job we love. Going back to a Centre is like returning to family”.